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The Sapir Organization leverages its creative approach and collective experience in real estate development and asset management to strategically position unique and iconic real estate assets and ground-up development opportunities.

The company was founded by the late Tamir Sapir and is led by his son, Alex Sapir. Alex Sapir's remarkable success in the real estate industry is exemplified by his ventures with iconic properties such as 11 Madison, Arte Surfside, and Nomo Soho. With a keen eye for prime locations and an acute business sense, Sapir transformed these spaces into architectural and cultural landmarks. 11 Madison, once an Art Deco skyscraper, was reimagined into a world-class destination, housing the renowned Eleven Madison Park restaurant and tenants such as Credit Suisse, Sony Fidelity, and Yelp. Arte Surfside, a luxury condominium development in Miami, showcases Sapir's dedication to creating exquisite and beautifully crafted spaces in coveted locales, breaking multiple sales records in the region. Nomo Soho, a 264-key hotel located in the heart of Manhattan's trendy Soho neighborhood, became a favorite among discerning travelers for its distinctive blend of luxury and artistic flair. Additionally, through these ventures, Sapir's visionary approach to real estate has elevated these properties to new heights of prestige and left an indelible mark in the real estate industry. His work continues to inspire and shape the landscape of the sector.

Duke-Semans Mansion Asset Image
Close up photography of the Sapir Company name and signage that is featured on the receptions desk upon entering the 17th floor office.
The Sapir Organization Company Timeline
Alex Sapir Portrait
Alex Sapir
President & CEO
Charles Hillock Portrait
Charles Hillock
Chief Financial Officer
Sharon Raz Portrait
Sharon Raz
CEO | Sapir Corp LTD.
Reuvan Spiegal Portrait
Reuvan Spiegal
Chief Strategic Officer
Eddie Greenberg Portrait
Eddie Greenberg
Chief Development Officer
Hay Mahluf Portrait
Hay Mahluf
CFO | Sapir Corp Ltd.
Peter Khait Portrait
Peter Khait
Ryan Marcus Portrait
Ryan Marcus
General Counsel
Isabell Bassalian Portrait
Isabelle Bassalian
Vice President of Design
Yama Sekander Portrait
Yama Sekander
Director of Acquisitions
Omer Kachelon Portrait
Omer Kachlon
General Counsel
Sapir Corp Ltd.
Eli Joseb Portrait
Eli T. Joseb
Property Manager
260 & 261 Madison Ave.
A portrait of the late Tamir Sapir, founder of the Sapir Organization and father to its CEO, Alex Sapir.

Tamir Sapir would achieve legendary status in his lifetime as the quintessential success story and the embodiment of the American Dream.

Tamir left the Soviet Union in 1973 amongst a wave of Jewish emigration seeking to create a better life for his young family, first settling in Israel and then migrating to the United States. He began his meteoric rise in the business community by buying and mortgaging a taxi medallion in New York City and investing his life savings to open a wholesale electronics store on lower Fifth Avenue, which became an enclave for New York’s growing Russian community and for visiting Soviet dignitaries and trade delegations seeking to purchase state-of-the-art electronics.

A rising member of the local business community, in 1985 Mr. Sapir was invited to join a delegation of U.S officials and corporate members of the U.S.-U.S.S.R. Trade and Economics Council, the main East-West trade organization of the Soviet era. This council organized meetings between U.S. corporations and Soviet officials to improve trade. His participation allowed him to greatly expand his horizons and deploy his business acumen on a global stage. The connections and bridges he built between the business communities of the two nations in trade, allowed Mr. Sapir to become one of the major foreign partners for the emerging oil industry in Russia, where he found the next level of success for the better part of a decade.

Working with the same steadfast dedication that would be the signature of his life, Mr. Sapir understood at a moment in time that Manhattan real estate, significantly depressed by the early 1990s, was the future. In a market landscape where everyone was moving in the opposite direction, Mr. Sapir once again had a peerless understanding of value which would confirm itself over the coming decades. He subsequently converted the success he had gained from oil and commodity trading into a real estate portfolio which would, at its peak, be one of the largest privately held commercial portfolios in New York City, owning some of the largest and most iconic structures in the American real estate industry. These included, but were not limited to, 11 Madison Avenue and 2 Broadway, buildings whose size alone places them in the pantheon of property at the absolute apex of Manhattan by square footage and irreplaceability.

Mr. Sapir was extremely generous and worked with the same devotedness in philanthropy as he did in the business sphere. He provided support and funding for Russian émigrés seeking to make America their home, and in this way helped to open the doors for others with origin stories similar to his own, to have a chance to achieve the American Dream themselves.
A strong believer in the cultural preservation of his native Georgia, he was resolute in his commitment to helping other former Soviet Union immigrants get started in the United States.

He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Council of Jewish Émigré Community Organizations (COJECO), a UJA-Federation grantee, and the central coordinating body for Jewish émigrés from the former Soviet Union, for which he provided free office facilities to continue their mission. In 2000 he was awarded with distinction the Ellis Island Medal of Honor from the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations. A great supporter of the State of Israel, Mr. Sapir significantly contributed both financially and through his connections with world leaders to its future.

Among his support for numerous charitable organizations, he also built the Congregation of Georgian Jew Synagogue in Rego Park, Queens, as well as synagogues in both Israel and Moscow. The reverberations of these contributions has and continues to influence the lives of the communities in which they have been established. Among the numerous awards, accomplishments, and accolades received in his lifetime, Mr. Sapir has left a legacy of both business and people. Through his family, and within the offices of The Sapir Organization, the view to what comes ahead remains a testament to his remarkable life and genius, and is the cornerstone of the successes attained and those yet to come.